How to embed an SAP Analytics Cloud Stories to Appgyver application

Hi All,

I am looking for the information on embedding SAP Analytics Cloud stories to my appgyver application.
assume I have the SAP Analytics Cloud Stories and wanted to show these stories in my appgyver application. How can i achieve this? please help me on this.

Did you find any solution ?

From the moment you know how to embed a SAP Analytics Cloud story in an iFrame you should be able to leverage either a Webview (mobile app) or an Inline Frame (webapp) components in your Appgyver app.

I hope that helps;

PS. I ddi it quite some time ago with Appgyver in a Webview and recently did the same with an Inline Frame;
However, I implemented the entire SAC story iFrame embedding logic outside of Appgyver.
And I’d recommend doing the same.