How to enable writing multiple paragraphs in primitive inputs

Has anybody been able to figure out how to allow a user to write a long article, other than the rich text editor, which is not an option because the big ugly text in the header labelled “Rich Text Editor,” which halfway cuts off the Cancel Tab, cannot be removed. (Don’t know who made that, and why.) But anyway, I have a primitive input for title, and one for content. In native build, once a user writes a paragraph and tries to write more, the entire input component disappears. I placed it in a scroll view because when I tried without the scroll view the user cannot see anything once they write an amount which is larger than their viewport with keyboard open, and I could not figure out a way to make the input scroll. The non-primitive input will not even show up in native build.

The only other thing I can think of is to try to create a repeater list (not visible until user writes a paragraph or another block) and create a container with a Heading (large text), a paragraph (small text), a link (highlighted text), and an image, and then one input with an option for the user to create one of those blocks (button for image), then when the user hits enter (or maybe a check mark icon), add the data as an item with the appropriate key to the repeater list, then write to database as a nested list in the entry, so that the entire array becomes the article displayed in the appropriate order. So maybe a story could look like this in database:

[story id]

…title: My story


That way, when displaying the data, I could just use different components depending on what the block is labeled.

The blocks would have to be written with a number key, so that they could be ordered properly, and then the block-type nested within the entry in the list.???

I don’t know. Do you see where I am going with this? I need to somehow create something similar to a markdown editor, but also be able to make it look nice, as the current rich text editor does not.

If I can humbly encourage the people who are making these components to please place more focus on design and user-experience so that the components you are making could actually be used, it would go a long way to making Appgyver a great app builder.

If anyone else has any ideas on how to enable a user to write a long article in an input without a bad experience, please let’s collaborate on this.

Thank you.

The “open rich text editor” flow is rather old, but there is a rich text editor component that we are hoping to release at some point when we get the third party plugin development epic to the point where we can get it working end to end. Also when third party plugin development is fully enabled for our users, any third party plugin of preference can be used, which will help both us and our users a lot :slight_smile:

Could you go more into detail about the problem you had with inputs and scrollview? Do you have a separate thread for that or have you made a bug report on our tracker about it?

Yes I like the idea of the rich text editor, however, the words “Rich Text Editor” on the top of the page, which halfway cuts off the word “cancel,” makes the entire component unusable. I am just going to try to make my own. I have an idea of how to duplicate editor.js in appgyver I am going to try, where each paragraph becomes a block of json code and the entire complex json object is written as the single value of a field in database, then parsed with a formula for displaying the appropriate format for block-type.

I am simply trying to create a blog post form where a user can write a long article. Both the primitive inputs and input components seem to not allow long articles. They either disappear when the input gets too long or they will not scroll so the author can see what they are writing.