How to export a list of objects

The user chooses from a list in the left, then I would like to export the list of objects in the cart. anything works for me, what is the best and simple way to do it? i´ve tried different approaches with no result, also im a newbie

What do you mean by export?

I want to send the items in the cart when i press “Ordenar” in the form of an image, a screenshot, text, or any kind of understandable information to an e-mail or anyplace that allows me to see what was the costumer order. Thanks

I believe you’d have to hook into an outside service to be able to send emails, no matter what the content is.

A slightly more complicated solution, but a better one, would be to update a database and then receive the data from the database however you like (email, a web interface, etc.).

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Thanks! Do u recommend any database and tutorials on this subject?

You can use any kind of cloud database that has API access. There’s a few regular ones but also a few no-code style ones. AppGyver lets you connect to them via Data → Data Resources, and then you use Get/Create/Update Record to access the data.

I’m not familiar with the no-code ones, but Google Cloud Firestore and Google Realtime Database are both fairly popular: Firestore is more simple to understand and easier to use, while Realtime Database is more complicated but also more useful. (Both are underneath the Google Firebase umbrella.)

Firestore is also looped into AppGyver via Data → Connectors and is a bit more integrated into the AG system.

Once it’s in a database, you can do whatever you want with that saved data.

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@M_M I recommend going through our Data & Integrations section. We have good support for Google Cloud Firestore, and there are a lot of guides on our forums on integrating Xano or Backendless for example, but you will also need to read up on the tutorials for the database/backend you choose to use in order to get most out of it.

For email sending, the most typical service for that is Sendgrid I believe.