How to extract text from a scan and display it on the text field?

Hi guys!

Although AppGyver has provided “scan QR/barcode” flow function, I’d like to create a feature where user can take a picture of a text, extract it, then display it on the text field.

I’ve done a quick research on Google, but it led me to use an optical character recognition (OCR) api. Pretty overwhelming since it’s related with ML in Google Firebase.

Does anyone know how to create the feature, or using OCR api, or using a more simple method? Thanks a lot!

Hi @Brigitta_Anastasia, we don’t currently have support for a camera plugin that would allow reading text from an image. However, we’re currently in the works of building a 3rd party plugin infrastructure where you’ll be able to implement your own plugins for uses such as this. It will still take some time before it’s production ready, but stay tuned. :slight_smile:

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Noted, thanks for the answer, Mari :+1:

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