How to fetch data from Airtable in Appgyver using list item

In my application there is two pages which contain the list of item and the next page is the details of the items. I manage to fetch the data from my database in Airtable for the list of items but then I’m facing a problem on the logic part where to navigate to its own specific pages based on the items been click on by user.

If there anyone that might know the logic part, I truly appreciate that.

Snapshot of the list of items that been create

The logic part for the list of items

Next pages for the details based on the item chosen

If you have your data as data variable on the first (list) page, it’s usable only in the context of that exact page.

This means you have to fetch the single record on details page again (e.g. as data variable) or you have to save the opened item data e.g. to some app variable which you’d then bind to correct fields in details page.

If you want to fetch the data of single record on details page, you can use page parameters to pass the id of the opened item to the details page to be used with the fetch. You could also pass all needed data as parameters, but I think that’s not a good way to do this.