How to filter a collection when the value sought is nested in a list (labled map in firebase)

Could anyone help me figure this out? I have some posts auto sent to firebase when posted in wordpress. A node labelled “author” with two nested objects is in the data. Like this:

…displayName: Daniel
…firebase_uid: bioencjnakdnpjmpamxsm

many other posts have been added from various sites and apps which i allow to auto post, where the display name is not in the post, and the author feild looks like this:

…firebase_uid: hbccsnsknsknkdsnksnckj

When I filter the data in a get collection, I have bound the filter to a custom object, like in these attachments.

But on the page, only the items with the firebase uid are returned. All of the other posts which have the display name and firebase uid do not retrun?

How can I filter the collection to return all the posts which have the key firebase uid which matches the users uid in the page params?

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Are you still stuck with this? I’m not very familiar with Firebase, but I can try to help or at least search for relevant forum threads, if you haven’t figured this out yet :disappointed_relieved:

Oh, this. Sorry I had to edit. No I am still stuck on this.

Would it be possible to create two separate filters for this? One with just the firebase_uid filter and another where the displayName matches basically anything and then matching the firebase_uid?