How to find URLs for App Pages

Hi, I’m currently trying to use Magic Link for password less authentication. I have successfully been able to send a verification email and even update the database on the backend. I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction as to connecting it to my front end. It’s asking for my redirect URL I assume for the page where my Login resides. I tried to simply copy the web URL for my Login page created in AppGyver but that didn’t work. Are there specific app versions of the URL I can try? Is there a specific format I should use? (ex. myapp.appgyverapp or login.myapp) Thank you!

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Umm I’m not sure, but from what you’ve explained the is probably the best bet, and you’d need logic to handle receiving the redirect… But I’m unsure if we have support for that on the web – You can try “app launched from url” event on global canvas, but I think that’s only for mobile? :thinking: Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Thanks @Mevi That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I should’ve explained it better. I’m trying to open the mobile SAP Preview App downloaded from the Google Play Store on my phone, not the web app preview. When I click the link sent to my email, I want it to open my app located in the mobile SAP Preview. I’ve added “app launched from url” event on global canvas but not sure what else I need to do. Here is what the backend is looking for:
Thanks for your help!

Are you trying to open the app using something like ?

Except with username and password? The above works using a page parameter of “Scores” on my first page.

Hi @Phil_Evans
That appears like what I’m trying to do. However, my mobile app is not live yet. It’s named “Test App” and I’m viewing it from the SAP Preview App for now. I’m trying to use the username to access my mobile app through password-less authentication. I can reach the web login page but I’m actually trying to open the SAP Preview App not the builder. Thanks!

I think I’m just confusing things and logically how it should work

ok. So you will definitely be able to do that when you publish it even as a webapp. But getting to the same stage on the preview app seems quite unlikely to me as its a bit of a security risk.

On the web app - you don´t have to wait till its finished to produce a webapp. Its very straight forward and you can do it any time.

Okay, sounds good! I’ll try and get it working on the web app first with the understanding that it should work on the published app as well. Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

I´m not sure of your design plans, but with mine I have only one AppGyver project, and it compiles into webApp, iOS and Android. Where there needs to be a difference between the 3 I just use a few formulas.

There is no need to build fundamentally separate projects for each platform.

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