How to get a list of selected values from checkboxs inside composite components

Hi there,

The goal would be to call an API which has a body like

“values” : [1, 2, 3, 4]

ok now, I made a composite components which has a checkbox inside.
Checkboxes get the value from a repeated variable via a private variable in the composite component.


I’ve also made an output variable to retrieve the list which has populated by tapping on each checkbox.

Finally, the problem is, I’m not retrieving that list of checkbox’s values.

What I did inside the composite component’s flow is:

It sets

WITH_ITEM(outputValues.usersSelected, internalProps.userId)

or removes the value

WITHOUT_ITEM(outputValues.usersSelected, internalProps.userId)

from list. But I said I can’t see any number on the output list.