How to get cover image of audio mp3 file?

Anybody know how to get the cover image from mp3 file in appgyver?

I don’t know if I answer your question correctly. But if your MP3 file is on your database why not reach it an image.
Otherwise, use the discog API:

I don’t understand. The mp3 is in the database as an mp3. How can it be converted to an image? I will look into the discog API and try to figure out if it will be useful. Thank you.

I imagined that your database cores:
ID/Title/Artist/MP3 file/Image (that you could add)

When you call the title ID, you have all other information.

What is your database on?

MP3 album art is embedded as meta data in the file itself, so you would need to open the file and read the bytes of the image into a variable or something. So you would definitely need to handle this in Javascript somehow.

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