How to get data based on a geographical query?

I have geographical places in my database named pizza store. I want send a query to return all the pizza outlets within 10 km of a given place.

For example I want to get the list of Pizza outlets within 10 km of New Delhi Airport.

Is it possible in Appgyver ?

I have used the “Nearest Neighbor Algorithm” to solve this before with data in MSSQL. They have spatial geometry “stuff” to do this. You didn’t say what database you are using, so hard to say. But google this for more info.

So its not necc. a “Appgyver thing”… its a function of the backend database.
Like Google Places handles this… you’d only get back addresses that meet the criteria.

Really depends on what DB your data is in. But you should be able to find plenty of programmers in India that can write this middleware for you, and only return the addresses in JSON to Appgyver.

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