How to get data from client-side storage with specified sorting?

Just using client-side storage on an application and already create some record. However I found no option for sort the record to be display as what I need.

Please advise.

You currently need to just grab the whole collection and then use a formula to sort it before Set data variable, e.g. or

I’m having the same issue, but I’m not sure where to put this logic exactly. Can you be more specific? Thanks!

What are you trying to do with the data?

If you want to repeat the data in a visible list, you can add the Formula into Repeat with property of the component you’re repeating.

If you want to save the local storage data into e.g. App variable, you can use the Formula in the Set app variable Flow function. Instead of directly binding the output, you could set the App variable value through a Formula that accesses the output and modifies the List with the mentioned Formula functions in the way you like.