How to get Firestore data from item id to my app?

Hello, I’m really really a newbie at programming, so I have a question that might be sound dumb. So, here’s my question and my plan:

So… how am I supposed to do it? Or should I change the database model? Any advice?
Thank you in advance!

(By the way, I need to solve this problem in two days… my family really relies on me rn :sweat_smile:)

this is the id of the document, so this is what you should use in order to get one specific document

But the question, is if you have connected the data resorce correctly.

Alright, so the document is the ID. Then, should I use reference data type or string for the “purchasing history”?

you can add a field in each document in the list pembelian called for ex barang id and store there the id and then you can use the built in appgyver filter to get only the documents with the barang id you want

Ok. Let me try that, I’ll let you know the result.
Thanks for the help :smile:

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