How to get on end reached event to register in recycler view


I know a few of us have been trying to create an infinite scroll feature. Until now I thought it just had to be a load more button. But I found the On End Reached event in recyclerview but cannot seem to get it to do anything. I am loading a collection from an API call into a repeater list. For some reason, the recycler view will not allow me to add another container under the list to make a load more button. So I have put it under the recycler view and am trying to set it’s visibility to a variable, which I want to change to true when the end of the recycler view is reached. I have tried and cannot seem to get the on end reached event to change the variable. The collection is being limited to a number variable, which I then add 10 to and retrieve the collection again and reset the data variable again when the button is clicked. That all works fine. I just cannot get the on end reached to change the page variable to change the visibility of the button. With it being under the recycler view it is very unappealing to have it there unless the user is at the end of the list. While I was thinking about this, why could we not just increase the limit variable and retrieve the data and reset the data variable on end reached event and create infinite scroll?

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Hi! Yes, it’s true that you can only add one container within the recycler view, so making the “load more…” functionality would need to be outside of recyclerview, perhaps if you put it into a scrollview? However, if the on end reached event refuses to work at all, please post a bug report about it on our tracker!