How to 'Get Single Record' using a variable value

I want to fetch a single record (document) from a Firestore collection.
When I use the Get Single Record option, it expects the Document ID as input.
Can any one suggest how to get the Document ID using a different field, say Email ID, which is presently stored in an App Variable.

Also please note that the data variable is linked to a Google Firebase / Cloud Firestore type data resource

Can any one help with the steps to be taken?


To bind the “id” to an app variable, simply press the ‘ABC’ logo (binding icon) seen on your first screenshot. From there, you can attach a formula or a variable to your request.

hi Kirill,

thanks for your reply. But how to get the ID of a specific document dynamically and only fetch that record?
I want to query the document id based on some other field (e.g. email) in the same document (that I can pass as a parameter). Is that possible?