How to get the idToken from

I can get easly the refreshToken but not the idToken from the function:


How can I get the idToken ???

There’s no way to get an id token right now, but the id token is automatically handled by our firebase flow functions. I’ve asked about adding a possibility for getting the id token, but I’ve heard there are workarounds for this, please see this thread and this thread.

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Since some complex query don’t work yet very well, I use a mix of new and old function to get Firebase data, so I need the idToken.

My solution for now is to get the id with the old rest API function sign-in with email and password to get it.


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Hi Serge,

You can use that referesh token to get the token ID with the google API rest or curl form from HTTP POST.
I use the Get current user (Firebase Auth) to get the refresh token, also stored my api_key on page variable and use it to HTTP POST and type json.
URL JOIN([“",data.Keys1[0].value],"”)
REQUEST BODY : DECODE_JSON(JOIN([’{“grant_type” : “refresh_token”, “refresh_token” : “’,outputs[“Get current user (Firebase Auth)”].currentUser.refreshToken,’”}’],""))

The return must be an json like this:
“expires_in”: “3600”,
“token_type”: “Bearer”,
“refresh_token”: “[REFRESH_TOKEN]”,
“id_token”: “[ID_TOKEN]”,
“user_id”: “tRcfmLH7o2XrNELi…”,
“project_id”: “1234567890”


There is now a logic flow “get idToken” in the logic flow marketplace by Mevi. The easiest and most convenient solution so far.

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