How to get the url of the website?

I made a google authenticator in appgyver , when i login it directs me to the welcome page, is there a way i can get the URL in the web page using the toast component? because i need the code provided in the welcome page

just to understand what you’re trying to achieve
so you want to display the current URL in the welcome page?

If I am correct you’re trying to get this code for any verification purpose.
Can you please explain little more to get and Idea of what you need exactly…

If you are using this code for verification or to get the specific docs from the database… there are many other options to do so… Please elaborate your requirements.

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To get the full URL that the web app was launched from, you can use the formula:

To get the content of the URL after “?code=” and before “&scope=”, use this formula:
SPLIT(SPLIT(systemVars.initialUrl, "?code=")[1], "&")[0]

You can use the second formula in any Flow Function/Component to get the code parameter of the URL.