How to handle this shit now?

This shity update which changed everything. Now I dont know what to do? If I migrate then everything gets distorted. And I have to migrate in every single thing whichever I have used in my app. I hate this update…

For me, I just changed everything manually, except the things like input fields because I have them fixed in a way I like that works and I don’t want to mess anything up.

why there is migration buttons for every single component? and when migrate it get’s destorted.

I don’t use the migrate, because everything looks weird when I do that. I delete it and make a new one that looks exactly like it

It means I will have to recreate the whole app…

Hi! There should be no need to migrate all of the components unless you are making changes to the layout. Manual migration can require a bit of thinking on how to use the new layout options for example, but there’s unfortunately no sane way to handle it programmatically, as it requires human thinking.

If you can post screenshots of how things are getting distorted, we are happy to help out.

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Also, we are putting together a guide and a video that should explain the logic that is happening with the various migration options in more detail, stay tuned!

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