How to hide white bar on web app iOS Safari?

I want to get rid of the ~30px tall white stripe across the bottom of my web app. On an Android phone, using any browser, the page is fullscreen and cannot be scrolled because I have “Disable scrolling” checked.

However, on an iPhone using Safari, I am able to scroll down to chop off the top of the page and reveal this white stripe at the bottom.

I’ve tried every combination of Stretch to viewport height, Disable scrolling, Disable safe area, and using vs not using a Scroll View, but nothing is able to get rid of the white bar so far. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Can you try putting everything inside a single container making sure the container extends to the end on every side and then making sure that the background color is set properly in the container?

I noticed this sometimes works for me better than the scroll view.