How to host downloaded app on my Wordpress site?

Hey, I’ve built and downloaded my app and happy with it.

Now i want to display it as its own page on my existing Wordpress site, without disrupting any of the other pages.

I currently have it embedded as a widget which works however the password information doesn’t autofill and it needs to. I contacted Wordpress support and they couldn’t help me and confirmed that cross site cookies aren’t typically supported in widgets.

Could you please let me know how I can correct this issue?

Thanks a million


Not answering your question really, but I would recommend using your own hosting, creating a sub domain and then installing it there.

I installed mine on My wordpress site on is completely unaware of the app.

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Okay thanks for suggesting that option Phil, would still love to know if I can have it under the same domain but maybe thats not possible. Hopefully someone else can clarify.

Its certainly not easy as only one application (wordpress or something else) can respond to port 80 on the root directory of your domain.

What makes it easy is if you are happy to have a different port for one of them, say 8080. Or if your wordpress installation was actually in a different directory.

Just think it through - both wordpress and appgyver can be called from a browser and you want both to respond on How is your server meant to know which one you want to access?

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Hi! See Exported web app doesn't run - #4 by Mihaly_Toth – you need a subdomain, the same domain or just a subfolder will not be enough.

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Also, I’ve came up with another way to use the web apps. I do create a subdomain for it and then upload the app to the subdomain. But I show the app in an iframe on the main domain.
The one thing I was not able to easily solve is to resize the iframe based on the app’s content and height :laughing:. But will update you if get it working.

Regarding your login question:
Since it is in an iframe I could in fact imagine creating a script, that loads the iframe with the app url and necessary user credentials. Though I have not yet considered doing it.
Here is a stackoverflow Dynamic url for iframe topic for this.
You could also pass on the credentials as url-paramters, but that is not a secure way so it should be considered. Read more here: auto login remote site inner in iframe.
Also this seems to be a good starting point: Window.postMessage(). But for me it is yet a bit over the top of my skillset to get it working.

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