How to identify Critical error occurred!

how can I determined the root of this error?
this can locate the root cause by debugging
anyone give ne some advice?

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Respected @Jhon_Michael_Revilla,

I am having the error of similar kind since a month now.

After which the preview app crashes. Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi! If you’re having problems like this, try to use the debugger to get to the root of the issue. You should also try to find at what point of the logic of your app this error happens, at which point you can try to isolate what exactly is causing the issue. Determining what exactly is causing the crash is helpful, as that will enable us to fix it :slight_smile:

Hello everyone. Someone could know what happens, my app I see it very well and check with the debugger and I notice it well, you must when I get that error and in the last 3 days intensifies these alerts.

Hmm… Do you know in which part of the logic this happens? My guess would be that there’s some custom JavaScript that is crashing, but I’m not sure.

I suggest checking any logic that sets app variables in the nearby of navigation flows in the first place. Especially when you set the same app variable on the next page.

The other thing to check is the “loops” if you have any in the logic.

I am having this error when I try to launch the debugger…