How to install open-source media players into composer pro?

I want to build a video sharing marketplace app, similar to YouTube, Patreon & Onlyfans, so a good open-source media player to play videos & streams is essential. I need a little guidance on how to install an open-source media player, such as VLC into composer pro?

This isn’t currently an option. Also, you can’t install players into an app. Other app builders have video components native to the platform, but even then, you’d just link the video via a URL from whatever storage/ data source or website you’re using. In AppGyer, the only way at the moment is to use the Webview component.

There has to be a way at least with custom code because coders integrate open source media players to their apps all the time.

You would write the code as an html file within the Webview component, setting height and width of the video to 100%. You would pass the video URL from your backend using a formula. Essentially, you treat it the way you would a website.

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Sounds like I need to wait until Appgyver releases the new feature to visually create formulas without syntax to make it far easier. Until then, I’m gonna focus on learning HTML, CSS, front end Javascript & a powerful backend language, along with React Native.

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I just stumbled above this thread using a WebView to do video players – check it out if that would be helpful to you while waiting for further support by us.

I read it, but it looks like the community is still trying to figure it out. I would feel more comfortable using a video feature created by the Appgyver team that is made for composer pro & can easily integrate with databases for user videos. Hopefully I’ll be decent at HTML, CSS, Javascript, node JS, React Native & coding / programming in general within a month or 2, so I can help the community out with easy video solutions. Building a lot of helpful plugins for the community will also be good practice to improve my coding / programming skills.

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