How to join all values from a certain key in array as a single string of text?

I am finally down to trying to join the list of objects which I created for writing long articles back into a single string of text with a line separating the paragraphs. Can anybody help me. I have looked up the join formula and cannot seem to get it.

Edit: I was able to figure it out with this formula:

(JOIN(PLUCK(pageVars.parGraphsList, “content”), “\n\n”))

The “\n\n” assures each paragraph is separated by a line break.

So you see, now a long article can be written as a list of paragraphs, or inserted from api as a list of paragraphs, then joined back together as one string for publishing or preview. I think I will rest here for the moment and attack a more complicated array with headings and other item types next time

so that a user can insert more than just paragraphs.