How to launch a video with Webview without it opening in full screen?

When I embed a video with WebView, it opens in full screen to be played on IOS. Is it possible to have the video playing on the app, even if it means having 2 videos playing at the same time, with 2 WebViews on one app page?
Thanks to you!

Whats the source of the video? is it from youtube?

It’s from IBM Video Streaming (

This does seem to be an iOS specific issue, and no resolution has been found. it doesn’t matter what the source of the embed is.

Appgyver needs to allow us to add the property allowsInlineVideoPlayback: true to the webview settings. that is all, per ios docs.


Why they will not simply allow us to configure the settings for the web view I cannot understand

The solution is to use frameplayer and convert the video to json so it renders a series of images and plays the audio file in sync. It creates a much better experience and can even create webGL or video 360 pan tilt zoom, ar and vr effects, filters, and stickers, and granular face and object detection. You can even make any object within the video clickable. Deploy as a server less web app and load it within a web view. Do not load scripts from a cdn in header. Instead host all libraries on your web app and require the files in header to create a pure vanilla JavaScript web app. Is async defer to load scripts and it will load instantly and play better than any video on any app, even in AppGyver app

This demo is not preloading the image cache. But when you convert the video to json series of frames using ffmpeg you can set up a GitHub action to deploy the images to fire base hosting and configure cache headers so that the first time the sequence is played in will stay in cache and buffer very little or not at all.