How to learn AppGyver

Hey Guys

We are running a professional app built by professional developers since several years. Since it is a field where I am interested too I would like to create an easy support app for us with AppGyver.

I did all the tutorials here but I figure out that that’s about 0.5% of the needed knowledge here to really build an app.

Question is: What’s the best way to lean more? Asking questions all the time here in the forum might annoy some soon, I guess :wink:



Agreed, the depth of learning given by the tutorials only skims the surface.

Well, the tutorials does show you how the platform works. Learning how to use composer pro does not mean learning app development. The dilemma of no code platforms is when you get really good at app development you skip the middle-ware platform and go straight into coding.

We can say that there are 3 main topics in app development. They’re not separated from each other, many people do them all at once (full stack).

  1. Backend Development (how it will work)
  2. Frontend Development (how it will look)
  3. Integrations (how it will connect)

You can search for these, watch some videos and practice to get to know concepts like data structures, APIs, functions, layouts etc. After all composer pro is giving you an interface to do all these in the background.

It won’t be perfect at first, trial and error is the way to move forward. I was quite shocked that I had to a lot of work for the simplest things we use in every app. Respect to the developers.

Hi @Atakan_Tokgoz

Thanks for your info. That’s the way I am trying, but still, I reach my limits quickly and I am unsure how to continue.

1st I don’t want to bother this forum all the time with beginners questions.
2ndly even when I bother the forum, I don’t get an answer. Like this one: PLUCK question. Getting array of prices out of the json - #3 by Andreas_Niedermann

So really, the platform for me looks more like a no-code for professional developers platform. Without skills in programming it seems to be impossible to master.


Good point, as NOOB i can see professional like posts and words etc…when coming around.
I did a few simple, but working aps with some other, but expensive “no code” app builder and publishded to ios. But now im stuck to solve this ios thing, so what is easiest way to run simple aps on iphones, do i need contact to apple or learn some code or what?