How to learn the app?

Greetings, I just joined. I’m not a programmer. I want to create mobile apps and upload to Google play store. Where should I start? I’ve completed the tutorials that they have in the app. I want to learn more. Is there a way where I can follow e a step by step guide and build an app? Any simple app will do. I just want to get started and gain some confidence by learning the end to end process. Thanks experts! Thanks for answering my question.

I have a multi-part series on YouTube. It shows you how to build a complete app using AppGyver and Xano. Both great tools!

I just want to give the video tutorials a plus 1 from @Steve_Stava .
I spent some time coming to the xano and appgyver combination. I’m now really confident they are a fantastic match.
The tutorials from Steve are excellent and most of all I’m confident he is using best practices. This is most important in software development. Like anything there are a million ways to achieve something and there is the right way.

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Anything for airtable and WordPress instead of xano & webflow?