How to load and display records in Textbox or Title

Hi there,

I’m wondering how can we load data from the data resource (stored on device) and display it in either a textbox or a titlebox.

I couldn’t find any Page methods or events like OnLoad etc, and I’m normally used to modify objects like for example Textbox1.Text or Textbox.Value = “string” or = variable or =“datasource”

I’m saving data from a textbox to the local device (phone) but then when I reopen the app everything is blank again and I can’t find a way to display it either in the same textbox or a titlebox

Can anyone help?

The basic idea is to have a client-side data resource, that’s the “local backend” that stores the data. It exists even if the app is closed.

To get the data in your app memory, you need to fetch it from the “local backend” via the data flows, e.g. running Get record collection when the page focuses.

Now you have the data in the application’s runtime memory, but it’s now just an output of the Get record collection flow that disappears if you don’t do anything with it.

The way to make data accessible later on in flow logic is to store it in a variable. As long as the app is running, data in the variables is accessible. In flow logic, this happens by binding an input argument to a certain variable, so that when the node is executed, the value stored in the bound variable at that time is used.

For view components, you can bind a page/data/app variable to a component property, and then when the data in the variable changes, the UI updates automatically.

If what you are binding to is an input type property, the binding is two-way, so e.g. anything typed by the user into an input field is propagated back to the bound variable.

When you add a collection of records / single record type data variable onto a page, it comes with logic to fetch the data from the data resource and set it to the data variable – you can see this logic by clicking the data variable and opening the logic canvas from the bottom of the screen.

I recommend to check the videos on the frontpage of and e.g. for more!