How to make a Card Image change dynamically

My app AppGyver
I am trying to change the card image (Large image card component) dynamically but I don’t know how to do it. Depending on the sum of the sliders the content of the card changes. The text fields with title and content I already managed to make this change according to the formula :
IF(pageVars.Somatorio_sliders<120, “Deep-Recovery”, IF(pageVars.Somatorio_sliders>120&&pageVars.Somatorio_sliders<180, “Balance-Booster”,IF(pageVars.Somatorio_sliders>180&&pageVars.Somatorio_sliders<230, “Energy-Shield”, “Prevent-Qi”))).

But the images I don’t know where to start. The logical structure would be the same but replacing
IF(pageVars.Somatorio_sliders<120, CARD_IMAGE1(or pagevariable image=image1.png), IF(pageVars.Somatorio_sliders>120&&pageVars.Somatorio_sliders<180,CARD_IMAGE2(or pagevariable image=image2.png,etc…)),IF(pageVars.Somatorio_sliders>180&&pageVars.Somatorio_sliders<230,CARD_IMAGE3,CARD_IMAGE4))).
I understand that these CARD_IMAGE1~4 filenames could be determined and manipulated by a page variable but the problem is where and how do I link the images ? is it necessary to host them on the web and manipulate weblinks or is it possible to do this (preferable) inside the app with local images ?
The solution should be simple but I can’t find it.
I would be grateful if someone could help me with some light to get out of this tunnel :wink:

You can only change the image URL dynamically, so your images will need to be hosted outside of the app. There is no way to reference different images internally that are stored in the app.

Thanks, John ! Best Regards

@JOHN_WORSHAM Any suggestions for where to store Images outside the platform? What kind of HOST would you suggest?

A lot of people use Backendless. I use Firebase Storage currently. Ive also used Airtable and Filestack.

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