How to make a custom "overlay" that's transparent in the middle/shows the camera through it?

So, the app I’m trying to make looks like this; imagine a video feed from the camera as the “backrground” (or just lowest Z point) with an image set over it as an overlay, with a cutout in the middle, allowing for the video to be seen through it.

The function of this is to make something akin to those cardboard cutout that you can put your head in and take a photo, making it look like you’re doing whatever the image is composed of.

I figured I’d take the photo just by running a screenshot function if that exists, so just putting a video feed under an overlay would do it.

Is it as simple as uploading a custom image with a transparent middle and putting a camera component under it?

Sorry about the phrasing and really, just the nature of the question; I’m an extreme beginner when it comes to AppGyver, trying to transition from “proper” coding.

Thank you in advance for any insights you might have for me…

Unfortunately, the Camera “Take Photo” function takes over the whole screen of the device and there is no way to add a transparent overlay container on top of it.

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that’s a shame, thank you