How to make a simple "Search Bar" to search from static text pages?text

I am working on an App that is made from like 100 different pages, each page with its own static text. How can I made a simple Search Bar for searching words from those 100 pages? I am new to making apps. Can someone write step by step how to make it please?

Hi Daniel, welcome to the community!

Searching from 100 pages of static text is difficult if the text doesn’t exist in any one central database, but in each of the components. If you want to be able to search for texts, I would make a structural change in the app so that the texts exist in a database, which is then also more readily searchable. Then you can use formulas like FIND (docs) to search for texts, and also get the information which page they appear on.

If many of your pages have a similar layout, this video shows you how you can use just one page to display different content from a database based on a page parameter.