How to make an authenticated request to create a record in firebase

I need to be able to create a record in firebase with the document id being the user id rather than some random id generated by firebase. I also need to be able to have a security rule which only allows authenticated users to do this. I think this is the norm for just about any app built for firebase. Is it possible to do this normal, standard thing in appgyver? If so, does anybody know of any clear and concise tutorial demonstrating how to do this?

I appreciate any help or reference to informative and well written information on this.

Thank you.

You can definitely create a specific doc ID in Firebase. Not sure about the security side.

i meant in the firebase connector. i know it can be done with rest but requesting an idToken in order to make authenticated requests invalidates the connector flow, I believe. Thank you, though. I do appreciate it.

Please check out these threads, there are some solutions found by other users here: