How to make and use bearer tokens?

I’m new with AppGyver and I’m a little confused about how the whole process would be.

I don’t quite understand how to send the credential request, where to store the access token and then use it in the authentication for API Rest calls.

Is there any tutorial available? If it is with Caspio better since it is where I have my database.

You can start with this video on the integration of rest APIs.
For authentification, you have query parameters to write your tokens.

Thanks for the answer, there is another one more complex? This example use a public API and don’t really use tokens which is I’m looking for.

Really good, now I have the question how a not static token works in Appgyver, when you send the “grant_type=client_credentials” and the whole stuff to make the token and use it in the header for the next API calls.

If you want it to be static, you uncheck in the properties.
If you want it to be an unchecking option: IS OPTIONAL
In your URL, you can place a parameter between like this {parameter} and you place it in url placeholder.

Maybe you should read the doc before using Appgyver.

The videos you posted are things I see before I posted my question, I even look GitHub - SAP-samples/appgyver-auth-flows: SAP Cloud Identity and XSUAA authentication samples for SAP AppGyver. This repository shows how to apply OAuth 2.0 authorization and token flows to your SAP AppGyver apps. but is confusing and don’t really think is what I looking for. I don’t have an authentication with user/password and there is when I get a little lost, especially because only with a bearer token I can retrieve my data for my database and I have to create it.

I don’t know if I use (and how to use) a “HTTP request” and if I need to keep the token in a App Variable so I can use it in the header of the API calls. For that reason I was looking for a more complex example of the ones I already see because this is not php :sweat_smile: .

I’m not sure I understand. Maybe with screen pictures, I could understand what you are trying to do.

I have my database in Caspio and to make the more native possible my app I need to access to my database for API Authenticating REST API - Caspio Online Help. My problem is for that access I need to make and use a bearer token, I came from full code in php to no code in Caspio and then no code in Appgyver so for me it’s confusing to understand what is the equivalent in Appgyver to the curl in php to make the token and use it.

Sorry for confusing you too.

Bone that you have the Caspian plan? Remember that Caspian handles REST APIs if you are in the “GROW” or “CORPORATE” PLAN.
As much as you configure the API and you are not in those 2 PLANS, you will not know if it is well configured in AppGyver.

Hi! Yes, I have API in my plan, I test it out with a static token and it work, the thing is make it not static in Appgyver.


The blue button
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But that is for a static token and I need it to not be static :sweat_smile: