How to make app load faster?

Good day, my app loads data via rest api(xano) from the backend. Is there a way I can get things to load faster by only loading the things that will appear first. (like YouTube loading videos at the top then loading more as it scrolls) I noticed that all the data loads at once and that makes things very slow. Also is there a way to stop the image border from loading before the image, because at first it appears as just an empty border. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks I’m advance

Hi, if you are using a regular scroll view I would recommend switching to Recycler view from the marketplace in the repeated listing to improve performance.

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Thank you for the reply, when I use this everything I place inside it isn’t displayed in the Preview app. I’m using the SAP Appgyver Preview on IOS. Not even a button with no logic is displayed. What should I do?

Hi, there’s a known bug at the moment that if you use Stretch to viewport height setting on your page, the Recycler is not visible, could this be the issue?

Thank you, it only appeared when I stopped using stretch to viewport height and disable scrolling. I’ve made a custom header, and I don’t want it to be scrollable. I only want the items in the recycler view to be scrollable. Is there a way this can be done?