How to make App work offline using On device Storage

Hi All,
I am trying to make an app work offline using the On Device Storage. I am getting the data collection from the REST API in the Global Canvas and trying to create a record in On Device Storage for the first time and trying to update the Record next time onwards when the app is launched . I am able to Create the record. But now the On Device Storage is creating the Id dynamically . So when I opened the next time how will I get the dynamic ID created initially and update the existing records in device storage?
When the device is offline how will I Get the Device Storage record as I need to pass the ID here also.
Can someone please help me here as I am stuck.

Please find the flow function I have added.


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Hi! You probably need to switch to using get/set item from storage instead. Please see this thread for advice: How to use on-device storage "create record" without ID? - #2 by Hampus_Bergman

Hi Mevi,
Thanks for the reply.
I have already implemented by storing the dynamic key using Get/Set item from storage.
Is there any storage limit for the On device Storage?


Well, the storage limit for the On-device storage is however much that device has storage left :sweat_smile: so it’s impossible to give an answer that would apply for all.