How to make focused window?

How can I make this focused window?

What do you mean by focused window, do you mean, it spans across the whole screen so you can’t see behind it. If so, not sure you can with this calendar API, as its calling the Android API which is separate to AppGyver itself.

What do you mean you can’t? It’s already there, but I want to make the same thing, but instead of calendar I want to put my own things.

I am not sure what you mean then sorry, maybe you can explain a little more in detail what you are trying to achieve. I understand you want to put your own things, but do you mean when you click a date and Okay it creates a new record? I am not truly understanding why you are asking for “focused window”

He wants a container that sits on top of the page and only allows user interaction restricted to the container itself and not the page below it.

Off the top of my head there may be a hacky way to do this which would involve setting a true/false page variable that would make visible the top-most container at a higher z index for the user to interact with. Then have another full size container below it, but above the main page, set to visible that would have a black background color and be .5 Opacity (50% transparent) to give the shadowed effect, and this would prevent user tap events from occuring on the underlying page screen.