How to make open page logic looks like you tapped on a bottom menu item?

I have 3 pages and added them to the bottom navigation bar.


Open Page C using logic flow opens the page but shows a back button and bottom menu is not updated (highlight/coloring of selected page)

Is it possible, maybe via Javascript component, to simulate as if a bottom menu item was tapped and opened?

I dont like how Open Page doesn’t reflect in the bottom Nav Bar


Hi @august_vorsterman, thanks for reporting this issue, I found the same thing. For me it would be more logical if “open page” and tapping on the bottom navigator icon would lead to the same result.

Moreover, when using “open page” it looks like the the new page gets opened in the same context. Ummm, may I explain it a little? Let’s say we have pages “Start”, “Page2” and “Page3”. On “Start” I have two buttons that open Page2 or Page3.

I try to describe the difference:

  • clicking on Button1 on Start opens Page2, but the icon in the bottom tab navigator stays on the icon for “Start”.
  • when I click on an icon in the bottom and open Page2 or Page3, and want to go back to Start by clicking on the bottom icon, it does not show the page “Start” but instead the previously opened page. Only after clicking the “Start” icon for a second time we go back to the Start.
  • clicking on an icon in the bottom tab navigator switches really fast to the pages, that’s why I would like to use this feature.

When opening with the event “open page” I have a “go back arrow” in the top row, when opening a page with an icon, there is no “go back arrow”.

Request: it would be desirable if both methods lead to the same result, either using the event “open page” or clicking on the bottom tab navigator icon.