How to make responsive design?

Sorry for a Noob question, but i failed to find the answer in the documentation.
AppGyver components have the same styling for all the screen types. And if on vertical mobiles standard desing looks native, on wider screens like destops it’s quite ugly.

How would I style the app for different screens? Shuld I conditionally hide “wrong” components? Should I use different pages? Or I shoud use device parameters and if-formulas?

Thank you. AppGyver is great. I only need to get with adaptivity and with custom domains.

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Hi @Artem_Dzyuba, welcome to the community! I would recommend checking out the Conditional renderer component, which you can use in combination with system variables to render different layouts based on the user’s device.

Hey Mari,

a partially related question to conditional renderer: is there a way to have animations for conditional renderer changes? (e.g. moved from one tab to next).


Thank you, @Mari. I’ll check this out

@Johannes, there isn’t an event I can think of that fires when the render ID changes, but if you bind the render ID’s to a page variable, perhaps you could animate the component when the page variable changes… This does sound like a pretty good feature request for improving the conditional renderer component :slight_smile: