How to make text show variable value + specific text?


I have a text label and I want to replace its contents when a button is pressed. I couldn’t find a way to place a variable value + specific text (example of content text: There are 2 apples). What I mean by that is how do I place my own text while also having a variable in it.

Bind to “formula” and inside that do this:

“My static text and the “+pageVars.value

You can use any formula inside that. So you can build quite a lot of dynamic texts.

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Hi. What do you mean by you own text ? Is this dynamic or static? Doing this is as simple as using a formula exactly as you you already have it written.

So that would be " there are" +pageVar.myvariable + “apples”

If apples is a dynamic value, then that too would be a page variable.