How to make the checking of a check box trigger a function?

I have tried using the on value changed flow function of a check box and I cannot get it to trigger anything. If I use the on tap event, everything works fine, but users can get confused because if they check the box it does not trigger the on tap event. If they tap a little outside the box it triggers the on tap event. So I just set the value of the check box to a variable and made an on tap event change the value of the variable. It works if they tap a little outside the check box, but if they just check the box, they think they subscribed to notifications, but nothing happens.

What is the trick to getting the “on value changed” event to trigger an action???

If you link a Page Variable to the value of the check box then you should be able to check the Page Variable Changed event.

Is it the checkbox field component?

For me this works fine:

But @JOHN_WORSHAM’s solution is also a good one.

For me it only works if user taps a little outside the check box. It the user checks the box directly, the check mark appears but the event does not trigger

This is really strange as the component internal logic also shows that the component change on the checkbox itself triggers the component changed event for the composite component. So I don’t know what can be the problem.