How to Map an incoming data var to a new list with the list index values

Hey guys, been stuck on this problem for 3 days now - hoping someone can show me the correct formula.

I’m trying to MAP an incoming data var to a new list and save it as pageVar.option_list. All I need this new list to show is the index values of the original list. So if there are 4 objects in data var, I would like a new list with, 1,2,3,4 as options.

The formula I’m trying in a set page var logic node is
“MAP(data.get_brain_skills_list_user, SET_KEY(data.get_brain_skills_list_user[0], “index”, index +1))”, but I get a validation message that my list items are incompatible and I don’t know why they are incompatible.

Is anyone any to advise how to make the list items compatible.


Have you seen how they extract the index in the 2nd MAP formula example there?

Adapted to your case - if I understand well, the formula would be:
MAP(data.get_brain_skills_list_user, index)

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I did not see that - thank you