How to mask entire page except for one component?

Hi all,

I would like to ‘pop open’ an input component on a page.

For the duration that the input component is visible, i want to ‘disable’ (mask/block interaction with translucent visibility) the remainder (components) of the page.

Any suggestions for how to achieve this?


Hmm, I’m unaware of any easy way to do this, but you could tie the disabled property of the other inputs to a page variable (one for all if you just want to do this effect for one input, or one for every other input if you want to do this with multiple inputs)… And you can also make them more translucent by using formulas in the style tab. It’s probably very complicated, so I would consider if it’s worth it :thinking: But if you have further questions I can try to explain in more detail if you like.

@Mevi Thanks for the information.

Although i was hoping for something simpler, this does seem to work for now.

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You can also use the hide component and show component logic nodes upon selection of the input and then when the interaction is complete.

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