How to open a 'details' page from an image list?

Hi all,
I have an image list (installed from the market) which gets the data from api.
After a successful setup, all is working well on this particular page, but I can’t figure out how to open a ‘Details Page’ which I set it up and is awaiting for a current id.

The configuration is pretty straight foreword. Just drag & drop the fields from rest api schema.

Images are showing correctly but when clicked to go to the “details page” there’s no data.

Data Resources is set up correctly and Data Variables for each page are also set up.
On the ‘details page’ there’s a page parameter with a text variable as ‘currentid’ but that doesn’t seem to be linked on the logic of component tap.

It’s been 6 hours that I’m trying to figure it out but with no success.
Any help much appreciated.

Im sorry, i misunderstood the question, from what i understand, the problem should be that you need to connect the current id to a parameter for the details page, have you done that?
you need to find the logic that opens the details page and there you will be able to connect the parameter

Yes you are correct. I’ve done it successfully on other apps but only if I set up the components by myself. I can’t figure it out how to make it work from this particular component though.
If you can and have the time, maybe you could try the same component from the marketplace?
Thanks in advance.

^^ this is the method i have used on this and other apps.

Hi @Edvin_Rushitaj, the list component outputs the most recently tapped item’s id, which you should see if you bind it for example to a text on the same page. You should be able to bind this as a param to the Open page flow if you choose “Component properties” → “Other component’s property” → “Image list 1” → “id” in the binding editor.

However, there’s a bug right now that when you bind a component’s output property to a variable or page param to open the details page, the binding does not work. It’s on the backlog to be fixed.

Thank you Mari. It was driving me nuts but i think i understand what you are saying. The problem is that, as of today, the properties config does not let you edit the formulas. Yesterday it was fine but today i dont see the lighting bold option. Maybe you updated something and it broke? Can you confirm this?

Thanks for pointing out @Edvin_Rushitaj, I’ll find out what is going on with that! Sorry for the inconvenience :sweat:

Thank you. I’ll wait for a fix.


Do we know if this has been fixed yet, I seem to be having the same issue. I have the ID set to a URL that I want to open. I have then got a trigger event to watch for when the “Last Tapped ID” changes. After this is should open the URL, but it wasn’t working.

I then tried to bind it to a page variable but that is just coming us as blank?

Looks broken still to me as well. Not sure why these new components get released and they still don’t even work a year later. I love AG, but would love it a lot more if they fixed glaring bugs like this more consistently.