How to open Image in Gallery?

Is there any way to open a downloaded image from rest api automatically in a gallery? Or open the pick app dialog?

Images are downloaded and then stored in a directory in I would now like to open this path with a fitting image app (e.g. standard gallery). Open url with “content://…” or “file://…” didn’t work for me.

Hi, Open URL should do the trick. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Have you tried something like putting the file path in an alert to see if it’s correct?

Open Url responds with this error. As far as I can see, the path is correct.

Hm, have you tried with file:///storage... (first 2 slashes for file://, 3rd for /storage)

Still doesnt work when trying to directly use the move file path output :confused: Same Error exept for now 3 slashes ( “file:///storage…”). Picture is in the given directory and can be opened with image apps.

You need to insert the “image” component (just drag), then click on it. A side menu will appear (on the right side) and in the “properties” part you will have the option “source”. In it, in the right corner, there will be a small image icon, you click that you will be able to access the upload function.