How to pass custom configs to webview

Is it possible to pass these settings to a webview?


// how plugin is enabled change in API 8
if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT < 8) {
} else {

Unfortunately there is no way to pass custom configs to WebView. However, javascript and dom storage are enabled by default in the WebView we provide.

Thank you. Is hardware acceleration enabled?

And if we could somehow get exoplayer that would be wonderful.

Hardware acceleration is available!

Not sure what is meant with an exoplayer but assuming it’s something we don’t have yet, it’ll become as something that users can add as a React Native plugin when we have implemented third party plugin support :thinking:

This is hardware acceleration :point_down:

Accelerometer is something else.

As to the plugins that will be great. :pray:.

Aah I see, I’m sorry I misunderstood :smile: