How to pass multiple parameters to Get Collection (Airtable)

Hi there, I’m not able to pass 2 separated parameters to a Get Collection (GET) data resource retrieving data from an AirTable table; starting from the basics, I added to Query Parameters, but it seems that only the first is considered and applied to filter. Any tutorial or advise on how to build more complex queries? or how to build a single parameter that executes both filters?

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Hi, you can check if the request you’re sending is correct by opening Chrome’s Network tab (right-click on the window and choose “Inspect”) and then clicking “Test”.

I created a mock request with two different query parameters like this, and it does seem to work:


I think that your 2nd query parameter isn’t being taken into consideration because it’s called filterByFormula2 and Airtable won’t recognize it.

If you want to build a more complex query for filterByFormula you can do so by unticking “Is static” in the properties and then binding the value of the query to a formula (you can try it out on the Test tab!). Airtable’s documentation probably has more on how to construct queries. :slight_smile:

Hi, I found that this is the way to pass the two parameters:

AND({Field1}=‘Value for field1’, {Field2}=’ Value for field2’)

And filterByFormula is the parameter key. It works also with OR instead of AND.

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