How to position button towards bottom of screen?

I need to look back into/re-learn flexbox, but i think even when i know it, i’ll still have this question.

Let’s say i’m starting from a brand new canvas – when you first come into the app?

How do i place a button, say, 20% from the bottom of the screen?

The screenshot below shows where my button shows up when I drag it into the main container. I flipped a bunch of switches, styles, etc., but the only way I could get it to move down towards the bottom of the screen was to set some margin to some absolute number – like 200 – but that seems too arbitrary, presumably would only work for the default screen, etc.



…i may have figured out at least one option…put a ‘Container’ item over the ‘Add Food +’ button and set it to ‘grow’, like so:

  • Click on the ‘filler’ Container
  • Style tab
  • Dimension and Position
  • Position Tab
  • Show Advanced Options
  • Flex grow: 1

Haven’t tested this well yet…

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Hi! Check out this thread for directions :slight_smile:

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The New Theme Editor does not have “dimensions and positions”. I wrote a solution for the New Theme Editor to make a button stick to the bottom that with a few tweaks, might work for your situation here: