How to post data that's not on a form?


I have:

  • an REST data resource,
  • a data variable,
  • a page with a text field and a Create button

But I also need to send the creation datetime, that I may get using, for example, the NOW() formula function or by other way.

How do I add this single field data (created_at) to the data variable before the Create Record flow function runs?

The Set Data Variable flow function seems to change all the fields in a data variable, but I already have one field binded to the text component, and I just need to set the other data variable field, created_at, that’s not binded to anything.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

@Marcio_Moreira Hey there, could you please send some screenshots that would help me better understand what you need? :slight_smile:

Hello @Jaroslav_Krajca

Here is the schema:

The single input field on the form (Note):

And the logic tied to the “Create” button:

As you can see, “Create record” flow function is bound to NewNote data variable.

The problem is NewNote’s “created_at” property is NOT bound to any input component in the form. The only input field on screen is for “content”.

I need to put the result of something like “NOW()” function into “created_at” (before posting the data to the server) but I don’t know how to do this.

I can only thing on two options:

  • Have a “Set data variable” flow function BETWEEN “Event component tap” and “Create record”. But seems (NOT SURE) that “Set data variable” changes all properties in the data variable even if you don’t fill all of them with data.

  • Bind “Create record” to “Object with properties” option and fill them like:

“id” : Formula: “GENERATE_UUID()”
“content” : Bound to data variable “NewNote.content”
“created_at” : Formula “NOW()”

But I am really new to AppGyver and I am not sure what to do. Is there some good way to get what I need?

Have a nice day

Hey there, the second option is what we use the most. However, I do not understand why are you binding the Create record to “NewNote”. How does the structure of this data var look like? The best option in your case would be to have Object with properties with the schema you have described. :slight_smile:


NewNote is just an “new record” type data variable.

I have been following and it seems it binds Create record to a “new record” type data variable. I just copied that.

I am going with the second option as you suggest.

Thank you very much,


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