How to prevent checkbox from unchecking when tapped?

Is there a way to prevent checkbox to uncheck when tapped, without disabling it?

Would this work for you?

  • using the ‘Event: component tap’ of the checkbox
  • to set a constant value to a page variable
  • and bind that page variable to the checkbox value

Hi @stayfoolish,

If the tap happens to be outside the checkbox (e.g in the text beside the checkbox), then it works. However, if the user taps on the checkbox it triggers the event ‘checkbox on change’ instead and all the flow functions associated with the tap event won’t be triggered.

The solution adapted from yours is:

  • bind the checkbox value to a page variable
  • set an IF condition flow function for the event “checkBoxOnChange”
  • bind the condition to the checkbox component property “value”
  • connect both outputs from the IF condition flow function to a set page variable flow function and set it to true.

It worked.

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