How to properly use sensor variables to acquire lat/long info

I have tried many different ways to use appgyver’s “gps location” function to collect current lat/long of the device using appgyver. I have failed on each attempt. The best I’ve been able to do is to create the record on the backend (xano) but the lat and long both = 0. This is true for IOS and android devices. Any tips??

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The flow function seems to work fine on my end, can I see a screenshot of your logic flow and how you store those values?

Its working, but there are a couple of fairly show stopping bugs though there are workarounds. You can´t write location data to a variable in Android / IoS and in webapps the system sensor values are not updated - you have to install the component “get location for web app”.

So it works, but not how its intended to.

I was able to get the “gps location” function to work. I just had to add page variables for Lat. and Long. and add a “set page variable” function for each in the logic flow. For each of them, I had to use a custom formula for the value of the variable that I was setting.

example for latitude

Even though this forced me to change the variable value type from number to text, the xano api was able to handle the incoming text and convert it to a decimal without any additional steps needed.

I hope this helps someone else. This took quite a few hours for me to figure out.


Storing the values was my issue. I was trying to create a record and use the sensor variable values for the API. This would not work for me. Instead, I used the “get location” function and followed that with “set page variable” and set corresponding page variable values to a STRING(sensorvariable.value) and then used the page variables for the API. Hopefully that makes sense. I had zero knowledge of app development 2 weeks ago so I’m not sure how to discuss these things.

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Did you also get the GPS value in the preview app?

That was one way that I tested that this was actually functioning. I added a text box with a value of the same formula that I was using for the page variable to see that the device sensors were functioning properly.

I do not speak Spanish whatsoever, but this video was a huge help for me. You can see the necessary formulas.