How to query data from a reference field? Firestore database

I have 2 collections: “dealer” and “game”. The collection “game” has multiple fields, one of them is a reference field from collection “dealer”, (this field’s type is reference).

Now I’m trying to get the dealer name from that game

But the result is just the object ID not the dealer name

This is what I did for the binding

Hopefully, you guys understand what I’m trying to say.
Please help!


we have been trying to do similar thing but then we decided for a different approach, however, we’ve been experiencing the same issue. At this point I would highly recommend to try and search for a direct endpoint instead of using these integrated within Appgyver. They are not always acting as you would expect and giving you only limited possibilites.

For reference visit:

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Good day!
Thank you so much for the suggestion, this is brilliant.
I have been struggling to figure this out. Your approach does make a lot of sense.
Again, thank you for sharing!

I am facing the same problem, can you detail the procedure?

Thanks !