How to query data with a filter

Hello guys,

I have a really simple yet complicated question. We are using the Firebase Realtime Database to retrieve data. However, we are only able to receive the entire dataset (all the data stored in the database). What we need to do is to get data, where a certain value is equal to something. In other words, when page is focused, return all the data WHERE chat_room=params.chatroom.

Can anyone please help us? Thank you in advance.


In order to filter a data collection go to data variable on your page,

And in filtering you can choose the object and set your condition/s.

[in my app currently when i choose to filter with multiple conditions, by the ANY condition, it doesnt work. On the other hand if you choose to filter with one condition, it works, unless you choose to filter by id, then it always returns empty list. Maybe you come across the same problem, then please let me know
Also something that maybe is unrelated to your question, but when i try to filter and order in the same time, i only get an error 400 (but when i try everything separately it works fine) if you try it and you have the same result again please let me know]